Sure Grip Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Algae Free Sure Grip Magnetic Powerhead Holder Information

Sure Grip is a magnetic holder for powerheads, used to replace original brackets and/or suction cups. It can be placed anywhere on the wall of your glass or acrylic aquarium.

This product contains 2 magnetic housings, 8 sticky-backed rubber feet and 4 different plastic brackets.

Please refer to the diagrams below to ensure that you are using the correct powerhead bracket on your Sure Grip magnetic powerhead holder.

Take each of the housings and place the sticky-backed rubber feet in each of the recessed holes. Press firmly for 5″10 seconds. Now take the bracket labeled for your powerhead (refer to diagrams below) and slide it on to one of the magnetic housings. This will now be the inner housing. Slide the powerhead onto that bracket. You are now ready to position the powerhead in your tank. Hold the inner housing with powerhead and position it inside the aquarium. Now slowly slide the outer housing on the outside of the aquarium adjacent to the inner housing until they engage.

Algae Free”s Sure Grip Holders are NOT TOYS! Keep away from children!
Sure Grip magnetic holders contain very strong magnets. Whenever handling these magnets, caution must be used or injuries (especially painful pinching) may occur. Keep magnetic products away from electronic equipment, other magnets, pacemakers and medical devices. Failing to do so may result in permanent damage to such devices.

TUNZE STREAM all models
For the Tunze Stream you will need to use the two Tunze adaptors (not included) pictured below as well as the pictured bracket from this package.

SEIO RIO M620, M820, M1100 & M1500
For the Seio powerheads there are 2 different brackets included: one for the M620 & M820 models (smaller bracket) and one for the M1100 & M1500 models (larger bracket). You will need to decide how you want to mount your Seio powerhead€”vertically or in a powerhead fashion (see below).

MAXI-JET400, 600, 900 & 1200
For the Maxi-jet you will only need the bracket (included), pictured below.


ModelDescriptionCompatible ModelGlass/Acrylic Thickness
Sure Grip 50Seio Super FlowM620/M8201/2″” or less
Sure Grip 50Tunze StreamAll Models3/8″” or less
Sure Grip 50Maxi-Jet400/600/900/12001/2″” or less
Sure Grip 100Seio Super FlowM620/M820/M1100/M15003/4″” or less
Sure Grip 100Tunze StreamAll Models3/4″” or less
Sure Grip 100Maxi-Jet400/600/900/12005/8″” and 3/4″”