Some Testimonials from our Customers

The cleaning magnets that you sold me are incredible. Between the Piranha float and the Hammerhead float, I must say that I’ve pretty much got a total package. When I get my 300 gallon system, I’m going to get the Tigershark float (or hopefully, the Great White float will be in the making). The best part about these magnets are their ability to float, which allows me to detach the magnets from the tank if anything gets caught between the magnets. I have been looking for the longest time for a strong magnet that was safe for acrylic, had some type of warranty, and features such as the ability to float.


Absolutely remarkable!!!
I almost lost a finger in the piranha’s jaws!!! I have been using a $10.00 magnet for over a year and thought that was just the way they all were. With the Piranha Float, I no longer have to do my monthly scrubbing by hand. This magnet has such power that it literally scraped off those hard green algae deposits that I would have to scrape off with a plastic razor blade. If there is anything I can do to help you sell these magnets, just let me know! The Piranah Float is worth a hundred bucks with all the time it saves me in cleaning!


Hi Mark,
Rick from Canada here. I got my cleaner today and I only have two words for you… HOLY MACKEREL. Now THAT’S what I call a magnetic cleaner and I get a pretty good workout as a bonus. This is a great product but I can see the initial price shock will turn some folks off. I can’t tell you how many cheap magnets I bought before coming across your product. I could have bought two Tiger Sharks by now. Oh well, live and learn. Thank you for making such a great cleaning product. My friends will know how well this unit works.

Your friend

I’ve been renting and maintaining aquariums professionally for almost 4 years. I’ve used many different types of glass scrubbers. Everything from razor blades to mitts to magnets, and I do believe that your magnet is the best that I have used. Thanks again for saving me from wet shoulders!

Your friend
—Stacy Scott
Three Little Fish

I recently purchased “The Piranha” from you for my acrylic 80 gallon tank.
I’ve had this tank since 1993 and have always been told that you can’t use magnets on acrylic until I read your ad in a magazine.

My tank has never been this clean…it is easy and actually fun. It works…instead of every other day putting my arm in the tank to clean it…the magnet does it. It actually stays cleaner longer.

I actually thank you for running the ad in the magazine otherwise who knows when I would have realized the beauty of a magnet cleaner on acrylic.

Received my Hammerhead Cleaner. Shipping was quick and package arrived in great condition. I quickly used the Hammerhead on my 4 1/2 month old 120 gallon marine aquarium. The only previous cleanings were performed with a pad type cleaner which removed only superficial diatoms. The coralline algae and hard green algae were never removed. The Hammerhead made the cleaning of the hard green and coralline algae a breeze. After numerous passes, the tank was spotlessly clean. I am sure now that the old hard crud is gone it will be a simple task to maintain. By the way, I twisted, pulled, and purposely tried to get those magnets to fall apart. No physical use even remotely affected them. I applaud your product, and when compared to higher priced magnet cleaners of similar specifications, your Hammerhead can not be beat!
Thank You.

Product works excellent!!! Nice construction and especially like the extra pads. Well worth the buy and I plan to continue any business I have with you thanks.

… It’s wonderful! The local pet and aquarium places who know me have your card and recommendation.

I ordered the Shrimp on Monday….received it on Wednesday…I was and am amazed!!!! I’ve been searching for this product (a magnet that works) for years, I’ve found it….your magnet is great. I am 49, and in my years as a consumer few products are on my list of items that do what I hoped. Your magnet is on this very short list, along with my Stihl chainsaw, John Deere tractor, and Dell computer. Thanks for caring about your customer.

I have just recently received my midsize cleaning magnet that I won on E-bay.Just a note to tell you that I have tried all the cleaners, wands, scrubby pads etc and without a doubt your product is by far the best product I have found to clean the tanks. Thanks again on a truly fine product. —Ron

The cleaners arrived and are they nice. The Piranha makes short work of my 65. The magnets are so powerful that I get a mini work out using it. Thanks.